Video: What CIOs need to know about IT consumerisation

In this video, Adrian Drury, practice leader for IT consumerisation at Ovum, talks to Computer Weekly's Cliff Saran about device management when staff bring their own devices to work.

Some businesses are allowing staff to bring in their own devices, and providing remote-wipe policies to govern these devices, while other companies actively discourage employees from using their own devices in the workplace.

Drury says Apple and Google take a deterministic strategy to the consumer market, using this as a sales channel into the enterprise. "Employees bring in Android and iPhones into the enterprise, completely independently of the IT department." Apple and Google's investment in enterprise IT has been minimal, according to Drury, and IT needs to support devices in the workplace with operating systems they have no experience of. "There is a support overhead and a data security risk," he adds.

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