Video: The RatPlug - uploads/downloads pics and video while you sleep

Despite the terrible name, the RatPlug is an intelligent charger that connects your personal electronic devices to the internet and automatically uploads and downloads files while you charge the battery.

The idea is that it automatically downloads podcasts, videos, pictures and text feeds while uploading the photos and home-videos it finds on your handheld devices to various websites, like Youtube and Facebook, without connecting to a computer.

The RatPlug is pre-configured so it is easy to use right out of the box and you can customise what you want. Using the RatPlug you can also download a personalised YouTube feed and podcasts from most websites.

It costs £50 with no monthly fees and no mobile data charges because the RatPlug uses your home electricity and home broadband.

You just plug the RatPlug in to any mains socket in the house and it works while you do something else, like sleep. Your pictures can also be sent automatically to where you want them.

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