Video: The IT architecture inside Amadeus

Amadeus operates a major datacentre in Erding, Munich, which provides ticket distribution and IT services to the global travel industry. 

In this video, Gerry Smith, vice-president of operations at Amadeus, speaks to Cliff Saran about the company's software architecture. 

"When the site in Erding was designed and built in the early 1990s, it was designed for mainframes," he says.

At the time, the travel industry ran mainframe systems. But as processors have become more sophisticated, much of the original mainframe architecture has been updated to x86 blade server technology.

"Around 10 years ago, we decided to move to open systems. So all our newer services are based on open systems and we are in the process of migrating off the mainframe onto Linux x86 systems written in C++," says Smith.

Amadeus is built on a three-tier services-oriented architecture (SOA), where airlines and travel agents can connect in via XML-based web services. The back-end database is Oracle Real Applications Cluster.

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