Video: Hard Drive Data Recovery from bathed, burnt and broken desktops

In this series of computer hard drive data recovery videos, watch editor James Garner bathe, burn and break three desktop computers in an effort to destroy the data stored on the computers' hard drives.

The videos, which are tongue-in-cheek Charlie Chaplin-style silent movies, show extreme examples of the most common ways of losing data. So the first video looks at hard drive data loss by water; the second uses fire; and the third... well, it involves some very heavy machinery!  

What's the point of all this? Well it's to see how far you can go before it becomes pointless calling on the services of a data recovery company.


Kroll Ontrack has a pretty good track record of recovering data from the most severe scenarios. Only this week it revealed that it had recovered data from a hard disc that was on the Columbia space shuttle, which exploded in 2003, killing its seven crew. To find out more about this listen to our podcast interview about the Columbia space shuttle disaster data recovery with managing director of data recovery at Kroll Ontrack, Jeff Pederson.

Find out more about recovering your data and protecting your company's information from disaster by reading our guide to computer data recovery  and visiting the IT Risk Management channel

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