Diversity in technology 2017: How has tech culture changed over time?

Computer Weekly business editor Clare McDonald chairs a debate at our 2017 diversity in technology event, to discuss whether or not attitudes to diversity have changed.

The technology industry has always been male dominated, and many women who have been in the industry for a long time admit to acting “macho” at the beginning of their careers to fit in with their peers and get ahead. Is the culture of the technology industry different now, and how does the slowly increasing diversity in the sector impact this?

There has been a lot of focus around improving diversity in the workplace, with some saying increased diversity also leads to a change in culture in an organisation. As more women and other minority groups enter the tech workplace, how has this impacted people’s behaviour in teams – is it now more acceptable to bring your “whole self” to work?

Speakers on the panel are:

  • Jacqueline de Rojas, president of TechUK
  • Alison Vincent, chief information security officer, HSBC
  • Catherine Knivett, principal policy Officer – digital skills, Greater London Authority
  • Sinead Keenan, senior director in the solutions team at Mind Gym
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