VIDEO: The UK needs more big data specialists

There will be a 243% increase in demand for big data specialists by 2017, but 57% of business leaders are already having trouble hiring people with these skills today.

A report by SAS and e-skills said this is a major opportunity for the UK to close the skills gap. Analytics can be used to give organisations the power to know much more about their business and customers, and could also deliver revenues of more than £200bn to the UK economy up to 2017.

But the SAS report claims the UK is not producing enough graduates with the ability to analyse big data. The UK government needs to work with business and academia to bridge the gap.

SAS is partnering with universities to develop courses to produce graduates with the right skills.

Dr Liam Fox MP said: “It’s quite clear that this incredible resource that is big data is such that if we can unlock its potential to lead to efficiency and, more importantly, innovation in business, then clearly that is going to create wealth. Data handling skills are important for all of us and increasingly so. When I think back to when I was at university, there were none of these analytical tools that are available today.”

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