Women in IT presentation: Dr Rana Tassabehji, University of Bradford

A study, funded by the British Academy, aims to explore with technologists what facilitates or inhibits women working in the technology sector and how gender influences technology innovation. Using a cross-country perspective, comparing the UK and France, Dr Rana Tassabehji, senior lecturer in e-commerce and information systems at the University of Bradford, explains how cultural and social issues influence women working as technologists.

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Sometimes you read about a study and think, "Someone's actually being paid to study that?"

This isn't one of those cases! The results are actually pretty interesting and not necessary what I would expect. I was surprised to learn that every participant had some household/family influence. I'm an exception to that - I had no family at home that were into technology or that encouraged me to look into it. It was an interest that I came upon myself.