Video interview with Ubisense CTO Andy Ward

In this video, Computer Weekly's Cliff Saran talks to Andy Ward, CTO at Ubisense.

Ubisense is a company born out of research from Cambridge that looked into radio tagging objects.

The company was founded in 2000 and floated on the stock market a decade later. Ward's research project at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory in 1998 involved looking into whether it was possible to locate objects to within a few centimetres of accuracy. This technology has now been commercialised through Ubisense.

“We try to figure out what is happening in the real world by putting small radio tags on objects,” he says.

These tags can be sensed by a network. The technology is being used in manufacturing production lines, says Ward, such as at car manufacturer BMW where cars are tagged on the production line. When a car reaches a tool station, the tool is automatically configured for that particular car.

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