Video interview: Brian Wernham on agile government projects

In this video Brian Wernham, author of Agile Project Management for Government discusses the challenges of implementing agile methodologies in the public sector.

He says: “There is a cultural issue in government. It has to get away from big procurements."

While there tends to be a lot of focus on training to get programmers to work in a different way, Wernham says organisations, especially government departments, must concentrate on leadership.

“If the politicians and senior civil servants still want to have large, unwieldy projects and if they allow large complex procurement programmes, then it does not matter how much agile you have in the programming, you will still end up with a big bang, waterfall approach.”

From his research, he said complex government projects can succeed if they can take away best practices from the private sector. Over the next two years, Wernham says the Cabinet Office will be using agile methodologies to transform government to citizen transactions by building new services cheaply and quickly that are easy to use, fast and efficient.

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