Video: RSA president Art Coviello on creating an 'air traffic control' system for data protection

International air traffic control systems correlate information to avoid disaster, but there is no equivalent in the information world, RSA executives told the opening session of the RSA Europe 210 conference in London.

In a joint keynote, Art Coviello, president of RSA, the security division of EMC, and Tom Heiser, chief operating officer, outlined RSA's vision and strategy for helping organisations manage security across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Heiser said RSA believes that just as air traffic control systems manage information from hundreds of sources to avert daily disaster in the skies, the security industry needs an equivalent system to integrate people, process and individual security controls.

Coviello details how this system would work and the role of the security industry in establishing such a system in this video interview with Computer Weekly's Warwick Ashford.

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