Top 10 project management trends of 2013 - #2

Agile implementation will be viewed in some organizations as a failure, but for the wrong reasons. When compared to traditional methods, studies show that Agile methods can reduce costs, speed time to market, and improve quality; however, in 2013, many organizations will continue to fall short in realizing the promise of Agile. Why? Because the professionals assigned to Agile projects aren’t trained in Agile methods and their organizations are not culturally ready to embrace its principles. It’s not sufficient to train just a handful of Scrum masters. The Scrum team, including developers, testers, and product owners, needs to know how to apply Agile practices. In particular, the organization’s executives need to understand how they can help break down the cultural barriers to adoption, which is crucial. Providing training to only those who lead these efforts will undermine overall Agile adoption, resulting in poor or failed implementations.

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