Influential women in IT: Sarah Winmill, University College London

Sarah Winmill—Director, IT for Support Services, University College London

The IT industry through a woman’s eyes

Computer Weekly recently hosted an event to celebrate the most influential women in UK IT. We invited some of the top female IT role models in the UK to discuss the role of women in developing the UK's high-tech economy. This video is one of a series of the speakers talking to the audience of female IT leaders.

The IT industry is spending a great deal of energy, time and money trying to attract and retain women but what does the IT industry look like through a woman’s eyes? Sarah Winmill gives a personal view of the representation of women in IT and the unconscious signals we may be giving.

Sarah joined UCL as Director of IT for Support Services in August 2011. At UCL she is responsible for IT for Support Services (ITSS) within the Information Services Division (ISD). Sarah is also a member of the UCL 50:50 Gender Equality Group, campaigning to raise awareness of gender equality at UCL. She is a Chartered IT Professional, a Fellow of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and past Chair of the Charities Consortium IT Directors Group. In 2008 she was a Finalist in the Intel IT Leader of the Year, at the BCS IT Industry Awards.

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