Diversity in technology 2017: Guy Armitage, CEO, Zealous

There is little doubt that diversity is good for business. Our personal and collective experiences enrich the business we represent regardless of our given physical attributes. But what about diversity of mind? Are we too focused on hiring the same kind of minds? How does that enrich our collective thinking, and in turn create better products?

In this video from Computer Weekly’s 2017 diversity in technology event, Armitage shares a journey through the mind, types of thought and how businesses have harnessed the power of curating teams to excel in their work.

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Thanks for the presentation. I think creativity has a lot to do with how we managed in our childhood and how we reacted to problems we hald to solve as victims of the grown ups or parental decisions we disliked and were harmful for our inner child. I  have had to solve a lot of difficult emotional  problems and sever losses but within me there was always a way to solve problems and that attitude can release hidden powers within our brains and thougths. I read much about great minds of science as a child and that has helped me a lot to grow as a person. This however came much later in my life. Best wishes Dr.ing./Dipl.Ing. Stefán Einarsson Vulnerability Analyst/Process engineer.