Diversity in technology 2017: Alternative routes into tech - how people can succeed

Computer Weekly business editor Clare McDonald chairs a debate at our 2017 diversity in technology event, to discuss how to attract more young people into IT.

As the skills gap in technology grows even greater and firms complain university graduates don’t have the skills needed for jobs, some are looking elsewhere for the talent they need. But parents and teachers are not always supportive of different routes into careers, so how can young people identify and take advantage of the opportunities open to them? Three young people describe their very different routes into the technology industry and how people can succeed in tech without taking the traditional path.

Speakers on the panel are:

  • Kirstie Wilkins, technology consulting analyst, Deloitte
  • James Roberts, intern, CA Technologies
  • Helen Fraser, FDM consultant for Barclays
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The second question was completely missed by the panel. The question was how are younger people noticed when all that companies look for is people with experience? It shouldn't be necessary or even expected to always have people with experience in a field right off the bat. Not everyone gets the opportunity necessary to gain the experience needed for the professional environment. Companies just want a quick fix when they should invest better into their employees, for their employees. There will not always be experienced people because of the stigma of needing a bachelor's or a masters to get anywhere in the professional realm, and school doesn't hit all the areas of knowledge used. Then you have people who don't get a job for a long time for what they went to school for and lose track of what they learned, left only with the basics.