Computer Weekly @ 50 startup interview: Christine Hawkins, CEO, Info-CTRL

At Computer Weekly’s recent 50th anniversary event, we invited a range of business technology startups to pitch to an audience of IT leaders. Afterwards, we talked to some of those startups to get their views on the future of British tech innovation, and how they can help CIOs.

The cloud-based Info-CTRL database sits between a trusted data source – such as corporate or external databases - and users' spreadsheets. Multiple users still download multiple times from the trusted data source, and still do whatever they wish with the data in Excel. But instead of their spreadsheets becoming inconsistent with each other, and potentially inconsistent with the trusted data source – Info-CTRL consolidates the two-dimensional spreadsheets into its own three-dimensional database and validates users' spreadsheets against each other and against the trusted data source.

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