CW500 video: Wandsworth's David Tidey on trust and ethics in a digital world

Do you trust the technology you use and the companies that provide it? That’s not as straightforward a question as it may seem – according to research by Accenture, 83% of executives agree that trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy. But trust today and into the future is not just about information security – important as that is. Do you trust the organisations that use your personal data? Do you trust your ecommerce provider to deal with problems fairly? What are the ethical considerations around emerging areas of technology such as internet of things, automation and artificial intelligence? These questions and more like them represent growing business risks relating to trust and ethics that IT leaders will increasingly have to consider – if you are not already. In this CW500 event, David Tidey, CIO at Wandsworth Council, talks to Computer Weekly management editor Lis Evenstad about the importance of digital trust and ethics, and how to achieve it.

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