CW500: Collaborating with your peers – the local government view

In a recessionary environment, sharing best practices in IT is more important than ever. Collaboration is becoming a new and important source of competitive advantage and increasingly, organisations are moving away from the traditional model of secrecy about their IT operations. Today, the creation and pursuit of new ideas can be achieved by peer networks operating in a co-ordinated manner.

In this video from the CW500 Club, Computer Weekly’s IT leadership networking forum, Nick Roberts, IT business change manager at Surrey County Council, talks to Computer Weekly editor in chief Bryan Glick about how collaboration is becoming essential in the public sector to deliver efficiency improvements and meet targets for spending cuts.

  1. Part one: Nick Roberts on why collaboration has become essential for local authorities
  2. Part two: Nick Roberts on what partnerships work best in local government
  3. Part three: Nick Roberts on examples of successful public sector collaboration


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