CW Video: The digital opportunity for CIOs

Irrespective of industry or competitive environment, digital technology will fundamentally transform businesses, Mark Lillie, global CIO programme leader at Deloitte, tells Computer Weekly.

In order to succeed, CIOs need to be adaptive, invest more effectively in talent and skills and work on developing their relationships with key stakeholders, particularly with the CEO, CFO, the CMO and the chief human resources officer.

This digital era is a “truly exciting opportunity for CIOs to take their business forward into new areas”, he says. 

The video draws on the results of  Deloitte's 2016-2017 global CIO survey, which received responses from over 1,200 technology leaders across 48 countries. Over a quarter of UK respondents were from the FTSE 250.

Lillie identifies the gaps between the IT function’s abilities and the business’ expectations, and explains why CIOs are better positioned than any other member of the executive team to drive digital concepts across the entire organisation. 

CIOs can create “legacy” – the value and impact technology leaders deliver to their organisations. And while CIOs have personality traits that are often different from other members of the C-suite, the research reveals that all CIOs have the potential to take leadership role in their organisations. Leadership is a matter of nurture rather than nature.

Mark Lillie was talking to Bill Goodwin, premium content editor of Computer Weekly.

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