Advanced persistent threats: Hacker's latest weapon or marketing spin?

Are advanced persistent threats (APTs) merely as a smokescreen to conceal a lack of basic security? Find out in this webcast from and

A string of serious security breaches this year has caused many to believe that hackers are raising their game, and using far more sophisticated techniques to penetrate corporate systems. Victims speak of advanced persistent threats (APTs) that are increasingly hard to defend against.

But some observers regard the term APT merely as a smokescreen to conceal a lack of basic security, and argue that if companies focus on getting the basics right, they will be immune to all but the most determined attacker.

Calling 2011 the year of hackers would not be an overstatement. With high-profile system intrusions constantly making headlines worldwide, hackers, good and bad, exposed security system vulnerabilities across every industry, proving the necessity to better protect and monitor networks and data. Will hackers continue to dominate in 2012? Will organisations be better prepared by then?

This webcast features an expert panel including Ron Condon from, Warwick Ashford from, David Perry from Trend Micro, and Vladimir Jirasek from WorldPay.

WHEN: Wednesday, 7 December, 2011 (All webcasts will be immediately recorded and viewable on demand).

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