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Cloud data storage: Cloud storage providers, pricing and more

Learn more about storing data in the cloud through a look at cloud storage pricing, internal private clouds and external public clouds, and what you should ask a potential cloud storage provider.

While there is quite a buzz surrounding cloud data storage these days, there's also much confusion. For those ready to reap the potential benefits of data storage in the cloud, there's much debate around whether data should be stored in internal private clouds or external public clouds. For cloud data storage skeptics, there's much concern around the access, performance and security of data stored in the cloud.

Fortunately, is here to shed some light on the cloud data storage market for data storage managers. Check out the resources below for a look at cloud storage pricing, an examination of the cloud storage technology market overall, as well as some tips for communicating with potential cloud storage providers before sending your data to the cloud.

Cloud storage pricing revealed: Hidden costs include data migration and access fees
In the last year, a lot has happened with cloud storage pricing and features. Cloud storage providers are increasingly helping customers determine the costs of storing data in the cloud and some even offer tools that can estimate the cost of a month of cloud storage.

But while it now seems easy enough for potential customers to determine the costs of storing data in the cloud, many providers neglect to mention that basic storage costs are only part of the picture. This tip examines cloud computing pricing and areas of hidden costs, including data migration, access fees and more.

 Understanding cloud storage technology: Definitions, deployment and implementation challenges
How much do you really know about cloud storage technology? Would your organisation best benefit from an internal private cloud or an external  public cloud? What is the next phase of innovation and adoption in the evolving cloud storage market?

This four-part exploration of cloud storage technology covers how early adopters are deploying the technology, the use of external cloud storage in SMBs and more.

Is cloud data storage right for your IT infrastructure?
Before attempting to reap the benefits of cloud storage, it is important to determine if cloud data storage is right for your IT infrastructure. To do so, it is important for enterprise data storage managers to know what questions to ask a cloud storage provider.

Before you commit to storing your data in the cloud, you should figure out if your applications or end users can tolerate low storage performance, if your data at rest needs encryption and if your cloud data storage costs rise based on user activity.

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