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There are numerous programs that claim to be able to synchronise your PC clock with a timeserver using the Network Time Protocol...

There are numerous programs that claim to be able to synchronise your PC clock with a timeserver using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

Mike King

One of the best of these is World Time, which provides a host of additional time-related functions, making it one of the most useful and fully-featured utilities of its type.

The primary function of World Time is to display a limitless number of clocks. These are optionally configured to show different world locations and time bases, including local time, location time, UTC, Swatch Beat, Universal, Julian, Metric, GMST, and LMST. Refer to the excellent 55-page Acrobat Help documentation for a more detailed explanation of these.

Right-click on the clock icon in the tray and choose Tools from the menu to select other functions. Calendar displays a simple one-month calendar with today's date highlighted. New Stopwatch activates a simple stopwatch with lap counting facilities. This can be minimised to the taskbar.

Traqdate calculates and displays the elapsed time since or until specific events. Time Calculator provides the time in one city, given the time in a second city, and shows the time difference between the two cities. It also calculates the resultant date and time given a start time plus an increment specified in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Alarm Manager provides for multiple alarms, with a wide range of repeat functions including daily, weekends, weekdays, or individual days. An application can be started at the specified alarm time, or a note displayed. Clicking on the time on one of the clocks in the main display brings up a world projection showing details of the clock's city location, as seen from a height of 2,000km above the earth. Zooming out to 17,000km shows the whole globe, with an option to show daylight/twilight/night shading.

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