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UK hosted desktop cloud providers

Find local hosted desktop cloud computing providers to suit your needs in this section of the UK cloud computing providers directory. Thin client technology enables more desktop hosting, and document collaboration and mobile access add appeal for businesses considering cloud options.

Hosted desktops can add flexibility for workers, especially in a mobile, remote-office world. Thin client technology...

enables more desktop hosting, and document collaboration and mobile access add appeal for businesses considering cloud options.

Phone: 020 7148 5000
Nasstar provides hosted desktops for customers to work anywhere, including from mobile devices. That includes business applications, archived data and tools for emails, documents, and others. Company files, personal documents and other data can all be accessed through a secure Internet site. The site looks like a Windows 7 desktop, and the service works with other software and Software as a Service (SaaS) products. All data is delivered from a secure data centres.
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Phone: 020 3393 7320
ThinkGrid offers hosted desktop computers with existing PCs, laptops or thin clients. Their secure data centres contain all the software and data needed to run desktop computers remotely. Users log in via a secure Internet connection. There are workgroup features included for collaboration, and hosted virtual desktops can be activated quickly and changed later.
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Phone: 44 01635 33251
Mobile provider Vodafone offers integrated office, mobile voice and data services, with several levels for business with fewer than 49 employees or 50 and more (public sector). They also provide productivity services like instant messaging and video conferencing, and machine-to-machine solutions. Backups of laptops and PCs are done with a centralised Web-based tool. Vodafone holds backups in mirrored data centres for added data security.
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There are also specialist providers of hosted desktop solutions that offer the platform and an all encompassing support service - such as


Also Hyper1 is a good cloud platform. The servers are fast and also the support team is very friendly.


has anyone tried as i'm told they are very good and one of the first cloud providers?

We have been using for some time now. Great customer support and an easy process to setup.