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Cloud computing market in India: A detailed evaluation

India’s cloud computing market seems to be coming of age. Discover finer aspects of cloud computing as the market forces at play shape its future in India.

Leveraging cloud is almost a prerequisite for a CIO’s success today. Cloud computing transforms the way companies fulfill their IT requirements. This service driven model has three distinct characteristics that differentiate it from traditional hosting. It is sold on demand, is elastic, and offers greater flexibility.

With a promise to change the market dynamics, cloud computing offers benefits ranging from savings on CapEx and modularity of rollout, among others. This article seeks to evaluate various facets of cloud computing’s adoption in the Indian market.

Cloud computing: A game changer for Indian CIOs

Cloud computing technology is fundamentally altering the role of CIOs in the Indian market, according to a survey. Learn how the growing market for cloud computing in India is changing the way CIOs operate.

Cloud computing in depth

Wondering what cloud computing is all about? In this section we bring you a succinct description of what cloud computing is all about.

Who’s who of cloud computing

The global cloud computing market is thronged with several wannabe players; the number and diversity of vendors is overwhelms. The biggies have just turned the terrain into one big party. In this dizzying landscape, how seriously should one take the shifts that are currently happening in the cloud computing market?

Impact of cloud computing on a CIO’s role in India

What impact does adoption of cloud computing have on a CIO’s responsibilities? Does managing of cloud computing infrastructure bear a significant effect on his role? Know the market realities. Discover how the speedy growth of cloud adoption is forcing CIOs in India to change their strategies.

Cloud computing to be an IT budget priority for CIOs: Gartner

The Indian CIOs are slated to emphasize on growth and strategic impact of IT this year. Get Gartner’s insights on how cloud computing services find place in the wider scheme of things in the Indian market.

Why SaaS is hot in India

According to a survey state of software-as-a-service (SaaS) market in India by Springboard Research, SaaS adoption is expected to grow over the next year. The report evaluates how the hype around cloud computing in the Indian market will help SaaS proliferate rapidly. Get a detailed look at the way the SaaS market in India will grow.

Winning a place on a manufacturer’s wish list

Indian manufacturing sector has come a long way in terms of IT automation. It’s no surprise then if the IT savvy Indian manufacturer adopts various emerging technologies with enthusiasm. A sneak view of the way the manufacturers in the Indian market use technologies such as cloud computing.

A real googly: Cloud’s infinite possibilities

Video: This special episode of Cloud Cover TV takes the viewer through numerous future possibilities of the evolution of the global cloud computing market. Enjoy the age old debate on private versus public cloud computing. Get market insights on limitations and promises of storage clustering and elastic clouds. Find astute advice on building massive data centers, choosing the right software, and so on. And finally, do tell us if one can beat Google!

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