IBM denies SCO's charges

IBM has denied allegations by The SCO Group that it is illegally trying to damage Unix to build up Linux.

IBM has denied allegations by The SCO Group that it is illegally trying to damage Unix to build up Linux.

IBM declares that it "has not engaged in any wrongdoing" and that, contrary to SCO's allegations, it has not misappropriated any trade secrets, nor engaged in unfair competition, nor interfered with SCO's contracts nor breached any contractual obligations to SCO.

SCO is seeking damages of at least $1bn for what it says are IBM's efforts to improperly destroy the economic value of Unix, an operating system SCO owns and licenses to other companies.

Linux's kernel is developed by a team of volunteers worldwide led by its creator Linus Torvalds.

IBM in particular has made huge investments on Linux to make its hardware and software compatible with it.

IBM  has accused SCO of "improperly seeking to assert proprietary rights over important, widely used technology and impeding the use of that technology by the open source community".

IBM also conceded very little to SCO, describing most of the lawsuit's allegations and statements as untrue or withholding comment because of insufficient information.

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