Will training make up for lack of experience?

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The question: Will training make up for lack of experience?

I have a BSc in computer studies and I want to work as a software developer or a web developer, but so far I have had no success. As I have no commercial experience, should I do additional training to make my CV more attractive?

The solution: Try to gain a junior role where you can train up

It is good that you already have a broad knowledge of the IT industry thanks to your degree. This will get you a good entry-level role within an IT company, where it is important for you to gain hands-on industry experience.

Training is always a valuable addition to your CV. You could consider a course such as Comptia i-Net+, which is designed to provide a grounding in web development and working in an internet environment. There are also specific software development qualifications, such as the MCSD (Microsoft certified solution developer) or MCTD (Microsoft certified technology specialist) .net.

Technology moves very quickly, but by developing skills while gaining work experience, you will ensure that you keep up with the industry and build a valuable knowledge base.

There is a wide range of companies that employ web and software developers, so you should look closely at the type of company you want to work for.

By entering in a junior position, you might be able to gain training that will be tailored to your job. This way you would avoid unnecessary costs from taking training that is not directly relevant.

Solution by Rob Chapman, chief executive and co-founder of The Training Camp

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