Ways into the Web services arena (2)

Butler Group examines the importance of Sun ONE to the development of Web services.

Butler Group examines the importance of Sun ONE to the development of Web services.

Sun ONE is an aggregation of technology and services designed to enable organisations to develop and manage the processes of Web service provision. This type of platform will prove essential for companies with core competencies capable of being leveraged as Web services, who may lack either the developmental environment or the tools to successfully translate their expertise into an Internet-ready offering.

Sun ONE possesses rich functionality and a wide array of developmental options, backed by a host of valuable features that support the ongoing management of ensuring that an organisation can provide services on demand. This is an enormous and complex offering that may daunt some users, and which will be beyond the reach of some players altogether. However, while service provision is not always an area for the faint of heart, any provider capable of fully utilising this platform will find its efforts extensively supported by Sun ONE.

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