Volunteer your expertise to help a charitable project

Have you ever considered volunteering your IT expertise to help a charity or community project? If so, there is an organisation that can help you do so effectively.

Have you ever considered volunteering your IT expertise to help a charity or community project? If so, there is an organisation that can help you do so effectively.

Established by the Information Technologists Company, and supported by Computer Weekly, IT4Communities provides the infrastructure for effective IT volunteering.

The organisation has more than 4,000 IT professional volunteers under its umbrella, and it is connected to more than 1,600 charities and community projects that need IT support. Since its inception in 2002, IT4Communities volunteers have donated more than £2m worth of their time to charitable projects.

Acting as a clearing house and a source of advice both to volunteers and to charities, IT4Communities has brought much needed structure into the process of volunteering, and several hundred projects have been completed successfully.

"IT4Communities oils the wheels," said programme director John Davies.

In 2005, IT4Communities joined up with four other charitable organisations to form the ICT Hub, which received a cash injection of £400,000 from the Home Office to support the effective use of IT across the voluntary sector.

What is the Information Technologists Company?

Part of a centuries old City of London tradition, the Information Technologists Company is a body of 650 senior IT professionals dedicated to generating effective IT-related activities in education and charity, such as IT4Communities. It also facilitates high level interaction across industry and the City. The organisation became a City livery company 15 years ago, as the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. Last year the name Information Technologists Company was adopted for general external usage, with the original name now reserved for certain formal internal occasions.

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