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Top 10 enterprise IT in the Middle East stories in 2017

Countries in the Middle East are putting digital transformation high on their priority lists and are already leaders in areas such as smart city development

The Middle East is grabbing the digital revolution with both hands. As the big economies in the region realise they are too reliant on selling oil, they are investing heavily in the latest technologies in an attempt to become world leaders.

In this review of the top 10 Computer Weekly articles focused on enterprise IT in the Middle East, it was impossible not to place Dubai’s development of flying taxis at number one. If you ever needed evidence that a city had ambitious technology plans, look no further than Dubai, which could soon see drones transporting people through the air. Also in this top 10, Dubai’s smart city plans, of which the flying taxis are part, get recognised by the United Nations.

But it is not just about new inventions in the region, but how technology is transforming traditional business. Last year, Dubai’s oldest bank, Mashreq, became one of the first banks in the world to integrate with Apple’s Siri for voice-powered payments and was the first in the UAE to introduce a home-grown artificial intelligence-powered customer service chatbot.

But there are risks that the Middle East might find it tough to maintain its current digital transformation trajectory because of a predicted skills shortage. We reported how the region can overcome this problem.

1. Airborne cars to transform Dubai’s public transportation

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is readying the launch of autonomous aerial vehicles.

2. Dubai’s oldest bank is anything but archaic inside

The digital head of Mashreq, the UAE’s oldest private bank, tells Computer Weekly about his role as half banker, half techie.

3. How technology is transforming healthcare delivery in Gulf region

IT will transform the healthcare sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries over the coming years.

4. IT staff recruitment poses major challenge in UAE and wider region

Organisations in the Middle East must create competitive IT recruitment strategies if they are to attract the right people.

5. Gitex 2017: How can blockchain make you a happier person?

An initiative under way at Avaya hopes to use blockchain networks to help make the citizens of Dubai happy.

6. Smart Dubai works with United Nations on smart cities index

Dubai is becoming a world leader in smart city developments and international organisations want to tap its experience.

7. Ankabut creates hyper-connected ecosystem for UAE education

United Arab Emirates education network implements cloud-based software to improve students’ access to resources.

8. Amazon launches Middle East region

Amazon opens its latest delivery hub in Bahrain to serve customers in the Middle East.

9. Threats grow in Saudi Arabia’s cyber sector

Saudi Arabia’s wealth makes it an attractive target for cyber criminals, but what have been the recent trends in cyber crime?

10. UAE’s Habitat School Ajman upgrades wireless network

School upgrades Wi-Fi network to cope with the increasing amount of academic activity that is conducted online.

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