The best Microsoft security content online

This list features the best pieces of Microsoft Windows content on the internet.

I'd like to share with you what we think is some of the best Microsoft security content online right now. It's our top 10 list of "The best (and really cool) Windows security stuff." But, please proceed with caution: The following material may blow your mind.

10. Secret Windows command line tools can boost security. That's right. Believe it.

9. Hacking for Dummies free book excerpts. But in your case, of course, the title would be Hacking for the Most Beautiful, Smartest Person in the World. I mean that. Check it out.

8. Sopranos trivia: When the screen went black in the last episode, what really happened? I heard it was the awesomeness of the Rootkit and Malware Learning Guide taking over.

7. Managing Microsoft's Windows Firewall. Now, bow down to General Zod.

6. How to bypass BIOS passwords, and the women who love them.

5. When to use remote desktop over VPN. Yup, that's all I got.

4. Imagine an Oreo. Mmmmm. Now read in-depth reviews of Vista security features. Same feeling.

3. Crack the admin password in Windows XP...and don't forget to say please and thank you.

2. Honestly, which would you rather read about: How to hunt down a hacker or what Britney Spears was up to this weekend? Oops -- I mentioned Britney….my bad.

And the number-one piece of amazing Microsoft Windows security content?

1. How to crack a password. But try not to get yourself in trouble, will ya?

About the author: Dana Brundage is the editor of We do not consider her to be a threat to the general public.

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