T28 mobile phone: PDA connectivity with the D128 infrared modem


Price: £299.99

Paul Smith

My quest is for the phone that does it all. Or, more specifically, "all that I...


Price: £299.99

Paul Smith

My quest is for the phone that does it all. Or, more specifically, "all that I need". There is much talk of the integrated personal digital assistant/mobile phone but, when I just want to make a phone call, I don't need all the PDA stuff. Yes, I do need it to integrate with my PDA, but I don't want it to take up half a briefcase.

Oh, and the other thing I don't need right now is wireless application protocol. Wap, the new technology that, I believe, stands for "What A load of Pants", is so far removed from having any point that even I, the technophile, scratch my head and wonder what it's all for, especially when I see one of BT Cellnet's preposterous "now you can walk and surf" ads.

So, my quest for a phone that does it all ends right here, at the Ericsson T28.

Here is my shopping list: first, the phone has got to be smart-looking. Nokia's silver 8810 was a great looking phone, but lacked some of the T28's features. And it didn't have that spring-loaded flip-up lid the T28 does.

It's got to fit neatly in my pocket, without implying to anyone that I am thinking about them in an unseemly way. The T28, unlike the similarly tiny Motorola v3688, is thin as well as short.

It must also be dual-band. I use Orange but want to be able to use the phone all over Europe. The T28 is dual-band, as is the v3688, but not the 8810.

It must have a slimline vibrating battery as standard: which the T28 does, as does the 8810.

It must also impress me with its extra features. And the T28 certainly does that. It has pretty much everything you'd expect from a top-rank phone. It has voice-activated dialling; it has an earpiece with a connect/disconnect button on it, so if you're calling someone for whom you've set up voice dialling, you needn't ever take the phone out of your pocket.

It's even got great games on it.

And, finally, it connects to your PDA via a tiny, snap-on infrared modem - the DI28. This lets you connect to your Palm, EPOC, WinCE or laptop. For this purpose, it works excellently, but the ability to manage the phone's numbers via Outlook on the laptop failed for some reason. Anyway, the search is over. At least, until the arrival of Bluetooth and GPRS.

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