If you surf the Web, you will almost certainly have built up a unique collection of bookmarks. Syncit, available for Windows and...

If you surf the Web, you will almost certainly have built up a unique collection of bookmarks. Syncit, available for Windows and Mac OS, can upload these to a secure Web page and keep them synchronised.

Mike King

This provides quick and easy access to your bookmarks, whether you are at home, work, or even abroad. It is also an easy way to disseminate and maintain a standardised bookmark set across an organisation and a free bookmark back-up system.

Bookmark folders can be shared with others using the "publish" option, either as public or private collections. To explore public collections published by others, use the keyword search. Then either use the lists direct from the site, or "subscribe" to them. Subscribing makes a wealth of bookmarks immediately available through a Syncit icon in your system tray.

As a registered user you can also subscribe to selected news providers, which display headlines automatically via the tray icon. Another feature is the Syncit Express "courier service". Files that are too big for transmission via e-mail can be sent using Syncit Express, with a delivery confirmation signalling a successful transfer.

Syncit currently works with Netscape or Internet Explorer. Opera compatibility is planned for a future release, as is Wap support. In addition, through Syncit's partnership with AvantGo you can enter bookmarks while on the road. Once your palm device is synchronised, these bookmarks are added to all the computers where Syncit is installed.

Syncit product information


Home page:

Download page:

Download size: Windows Version 1.3: 356Kbytes Mac OS Version 1.0b24: 167Kbytes (BIN), 227Kbytes (HQX)

Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 MacOS 8 or higher, or System 7.6.1 with Appearance Manager Powerdesk was tested on the following system: Intel PII 233MHz, 192Mbyte Ram, 35Gbyte hard disc, 56Kbyte modem

This was last published in March 2001

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