Storage Decisions Downloads: SAN and NAS issues

This track will look at SAN and NAS issues, distance demands, remote offices and how to build out systems.

To keep up with the demands of data and business requirements, managers need to engineer the most flexible and complete storage network. This track will look at SAN and NAS issues, distance demands, remote offices and how to build out systems.

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Advanced Storage School I
Speaker: Presented by Stephen Foskett, Director of Data Practice, Contoural .
Description: In this session, Stephen Foskett, Director of Data Practice for Contoural discusses the different types of storage arrays, switches, and software that make up a storage network. Stephen covers the basics in Fibre Channel, IP and NAS – to help any organization determine which interconnect and storage platform is the best fit.
For more information: Take a look at Advanced SAN School, the podcast series

Advanced Storage School II
Speakers: Stephen Foskett, Director of Data Practice, Contoural
Description: Stephen Foskett discusses the evolution of SANs from standalone entities, to islands and beyond. Using such techniques as dual connections or multipathing can make a substantial difference in the way data is moved and processed. These techniques can also make a big difference in your company's consolidation plans – which can save resources, time and money.
For more information: Learn all about SAN components in this webcast series

How-to: Making Virtualization Work
Speakers: Toby Ford, CTO, USi
Description: Learn how Toby Ford, CTO at USi, an AT&T Company, has made this happen by developing a utility computing architecture based on a highly virtualized server and storage implementation for mission-critical database, messaging, and ERP applications.
For more information: Storage virtualization: Where and how

Clustering for Performance
Speaker: Greg Schulz, Founder, Storage IO
Description: This session looks at clustered storage as a technique to scale both I/Os to meet transaction processing and bandwidth for video and content rich media applications along with other cluster storage scaling benefits for both SAN (Fibre Channel, iSCSI) and NAS including InfiniBand environments.
For more information: Get fault resiliency with NAS clustering

Using Virtualization to Deliver Storage
Speaker: Presented by Mark Staimer, President, DragonSlayer Consulting
Description: This session will prepare you for designing, developing and deploying a plan that specifically addresses the unique issues surrounding a successful implementation of virtualization delivered storage and will allow storage to move from a cost to profit center.
For more information: Storage virtualization no silver bullet, users say

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