Simple steps to match the firm's needs

Book extract: IT departments should follow this business "bill of rights" to match the needs of the firm.

Book extract: IT departments should follow this business "bill of rights" to match the needs of the firm.

Give the firm a stable platform

Merge timeframes

Provide strategic leadership

Align business and IT

Accommodate changes

Meet the firm's needs

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Business people have a right to expect stability from their systems. This has serious implications for change control, allowing customisation and making non-essential changes to standard applications. A platform should be flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen applications. Provide answers to problems in the same timeframe. The days of business wanting a solution in six months and IT providing it in 18 months are over. Traditional views of IT strategy development require the IT chiefs to take the company strategy and provide IT solutions around it. This will have to change so business and IT leaders create strategy jointly. Align system processes with the organisation's vision, mission, values and culture. An organisation choosing operational excellence and lowest-cost production will have different architecture to one in which customer intimacy and exceeding customer expectations are the main goals. Allow businesses to change their minds once they have specified a new system. This requires a significant change in the mind-set of how systems are specified, built and implemented. Give people the information and IT functionality they need by first asking what they want.
This was last published in March 2004

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