Should you be panicking if you don't know XP?

The latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system hit the shelves today. However, it doesn't necessarily follow that...

The latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system hit the shelves today. However, it doesn't necessarily follow that everyone is rushing out to learn how to use it.

Xtra! spoke to UK training agencies to try to gauge just how much excitement the release of Windows XP is generating.

"There has not been a great deal of interest so far," says Alex Waterton, a software trainer at F-Keys, "I think people are still waiting to find out about the licensing."

Waterton says his training agency has had more enquiries about XP from individuals than companies. This is probably because businesses are cautious about a full-scale roll-out in the current economic climate. Many will also be waiting to see if there are any bugs in the release before they commit.

Training company IT First is ready to set up courses for its corporate clients when they request them, but so far no one has picked up the phone to demand an XP class.

ELC Training has gone on a "gut feeling" and decided not to offer an XP course for the time being.

Xpertise Training does have XP training courses planned but they will only be publicised in next year's prospectus. "We would put courses on before next year if the demand was there but we really don't expect this to be the case," says Xpertise's marketing manager Kay Ellis.

Of course, none of this means that there will not be a stampede for XP courses in the future.

"I would look and see what the situation is like in six months' time," advises Jacqueline McNamae, corporate account manager for training solutions provider BIC Systems. "It is quite typical for an upgrade to take a least six months to take off, if not longer."
This was last published in October 2001

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