Security podcast series: Howard Schmidt

Security luminary Howard Schmidt talks about his latest book and about the private sector's role in securing cyberspace.

Howard Schmidt's career in defence, law enforcement and corporate security spans nearly 40 years and includes a stint as vice president, CISO and chief security strategist for online auction giant eBay. He most recently served as chief security strategist for the US CERT Partners Program for the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He also served President George W. Bush as vice chair of the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board and as special advisor for cybersecurity at the White House. He sits on a number of corporate boards and is an adjunct professor with Georgia Tech's Information Security Center. Schmidt recently released a new book, "Patrolling Cyberspace: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime in Data Security." In this podcast, he talks about some of those lessons and about why the private sector has a bigger role to play than the government in defending cyberspace.

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  • Schmidt Q&A: Cybersecurity a private affair : Schmidt talks about his new book and the lessons he's learned over the years.

  • Schmidt contemplated run for Congress: Howard Schmidt, a career technologist, was approached to run for Congress in 2004, representing Washington state's 8th District, because of his varied background in business, government and law enforcement, he said.

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