SAP opens grid research facility in Belfast

SAP has opened a £1.5m grid research centre at Queen’s University in Belfast.

SAP has opened a £1.5m grid research centre at Queen’s University in Belfast .


The centre is collaborating with the University of Ulster and Queen’s University to carry out research into the emerging technology.


Grid computing involves sharing computing power and data storage capacity over the internet, providing users with the ability to perform higher throughput computing by taking advantage of many networked computers. 


Professor Lutz Heuser, vice-president of SAP Research, said, “The centre’s location in Northern Ireland assures SAP of access to the most advanced grid computing research community in Europe.”


A recent report conducted by the Insight Research Corporation estimated that worldwide grid spending would grow from $1.8bn (£972m) in 2006 to around $24.5bn in 2011.


The European Commission recently announced that it would by plying millions of euros into grid computing research around Europe , as part of attempts to provide new IT opportunities to European businesses and citizens. 

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