Rumba Web-to-Host comes dancing in

NetManage releases Rumba Web-to-Host 4.0, offering a host-access product for extending business-critical data that resides on mainframe and mid-range systems

NetManage, a supplier of e-business access and application integration products, has released Rumba Web-to-Host 4.0, offering, it claims, its Fortune 500 customers a host-access product for extending business-critical data that resides on mainframe and mid range systems to corporate users.

Rumba Web-to-Host 4.0 is aimed at large companies using host access software to extend and integrate their legacy host systems into today's web based world. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the total host access market will grow to approximately $1.7bn by 2004 - with the web-to-host segment representing 90 per cent of this market.

'A complete web-to-host product must incorporate critical feature sets such as security, scale, and user interface in one product offering,' says Lucinda Borovick, program manager for IDC. 'Many of the products that meet the security and user interface requirements lack the ability to support multiple languages or users. Rumba Web-to-Host 4.0, claims its makers, provides a smooth migration path from traditional host access clients to browser based clients, coupled with product functionality that incorporates all the critical features mandatory for large-scale web-to-host deployments.'

The new software provides, claims NetManage, direct client-side SSL security, Java native AS/400 file transfer, and printing and Java Unix emulation. Rumba Web-to-Host 4.0 also includes a local start feature, which maintains a persistent connection to the host, even if the web server goes down, and real-time interactive support to reduce the time-to-resolution for technical support problems.

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