Real-time translation opens new markets

IBM has launched a Websphere Translation Server which will enable businesses to provide Web pages, e-mail messages and chatroom...

IBM has launched a Websphere Translation Server which will enable businesses to provide Web pages, e-mail messages and chatroom conversations in multiple languages in real time.

Daniel Thomas

The Translation Server will let companies create and distribute Web content globally, without the need for special Web pages or separate Web infrastructures. By enabling online communication in multiple languages, the server should improve efficiency by helping to create truly global communities.

"The ability of our customers to offer quick, convenient, multilingual translation makes their Web content available to a much wider audience. The IBM Websphere Translation Server can help businesses of any size dramatically increase their global reach with a limited investment," said Ozzie Osborne, general manager of voice systems at IBM.

Deutsche Bank Private Banking is implementing the Translation Server to translate online content in its knowledge management system.

"The ability to support bi-directional translation for a wide range of languages was an important consideration for us. We also needed a system which actually understood the grammars of the various languages, much more than just a translation of individual words," said Marco Stein, project leader of global private banking intranet at Deutsche Bank.

Steve McClure, vice-president of speech and natural language software at research group IDC, said, "Machine translation allows for dynamic business content to be created at a fraction of the cost of professional translation services."

IBM Websphere Translation Server

  • Supports bi-directional text translation between English and French, German, Spanish and Italian, and from English to Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese and Korean

  • Can translate up to 500 words per second (speeds may vary based on processor speed and system configuration)

  • Runs on Windows, AIX Unix and Solaris Unix

  • Connectivity plug-ins are available for the IBM Websphere Application Server, Lotus Domino and Lotus Sametime through the Lotus Translation Components

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