Quantum launches mid-range super-tape

James Rogers

Quantum has unveiled its long-awaited Super DLT tape, the successor to its widely used Digital Linear Tape (DLT)...

James Rogers

Quantum has unveiled its long-awaited Super DLT tape, the successor to its widely used Digital Linear Tape (DLT) technology.

Offering higher capacity and throughput than its predecessor, Super DLT also offers backward compatibility with DLT, which accounts for an estimated 80% of mid range tape storage.

According to Quantum, DLT already has an installed base of over 1.5 million drives worldwide with more than 55 million media cartridges shipped to date.

Most companies spend about 30% of their hardware budget on storage, according to analyst group IDC.

Demand on storage technology continues to increase because applications such as data-mining and customer relationship management continue to gain popularity.

Meanwhile, the Internet's evolution into a multimedia delivery system places a massive demand on storage.

"If you are an existing DLT user, the main benefit of this is backward compatibility because Super DLT can read the last three generations of DLT tape," said Philippe Ory, European marketing manager at Quantum.

"If you are not an existing DLT user, there are also other performance benefits such as a native capacity of 110 Gbytes on the cartridge. This is almost triple the capacity of its predecessor."

"The backward compatibility is the best feature of Super DLT for us as a library manufacturer," said Mike Quinn, product marketing manager at Automated Tape Library. "One of the big advantages of Super DLT is that users can easily increase the capacity of their libraries three-fold whilst keeping exactly the same footprint in their datacentre."

Super DLT is now up against Linear Tape Open back-up technology, which was developed jointly by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate. IBM released the first Linear Tape Open products earlier this year.

"The race is now officially on, with both horses out of the gate." explained Robert Peyton, director of European storage research at IDC.

"Linear Tape Open is already picking up business that was formerly DLT, IDC expects a tough fight through the winter and spring."

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