Password security cracking and hardening

Learn the abc's of password cracking and hardening with this advice from Windows security experts Jonathan Hassell and Kevin Beaver.

For some network admins, hardening passwords is a top authentication concer, espcially those who wish to test the security of their networks.

Likewise, hardening passwords is critical for those admins who wish to prevent hackers from cracking their passwords. For others, constantly testing passwords to find out how easy they are to crack is paramount. To be a truly successful security-minded administrator though, you must know the ins and outs of both password hardening and password cracking. Check out the advice from Windows security professionals Jonathan Hassell and Kevin Beaver for some valuable password protection information.

Cracking a hard drive password
I need to crack a hard drive password to get some information off of it. My Windows software is expired though, so I cannot boot from it...

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Tools for storing passwords
What's your recommendation for a password storage tool in a corporate enterprise MS Windows desktop environment? I looked around and only found a few vendor solutions, only one of which seemed to fit a corporate environment...

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