Oracle chairman 'bullish on China'

At the Oracle Open World in San Francisco, chief financial officer Jeff Henley said China's recent moves towards favouring local...

At the Oracle Open World in San Francisco, chief financial officer Jeff Henley said China's recent moves towards favouring local software suppliers was "not a problem. But in the long term, it's not in China's interest".

Henley added that he felt the mainland should be more open in its thinking.

"As China continues to grow," he said, "they will be acquisitive over the years. China needs to get out of this protectionist thinking."

"I'm bullish on China," said Henley. "My prediction is the same thing that happened in Japan will happen in China, [which is] still in stages of explosive growth."

Speaking on the company's products, Henley added that Oracle has been targeting SME business with new products like Oracle One, "aimed at 1-2 processors [and] priced like SQL Server".

He predicted that it would prove popular due to initial positive reaction, but added that ultimate success depends on Oracle's partners, and that the scheme is still in its early stages.

According to Henley, Oracle started targeting SMEs about years ago.

"We had to make our product simpler," he said, "people didn't need all the bells and whistles, but they do want lower TCO," adding that there was lots of growth left in the SME space.

"We're not going to grow our traditional market at 30-, 40-, 50% as we have in the past, said Henley. "In the database space we are already highly penetrated, so growth opportunities are limited."

Stefan Hammond writes for Computerworld

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