'No change' staff hamper business

Resistance to change in the business hampers about half of IT managers, to judge from the National Computing Centre IT Strategy...

Resistance to change in the business hampers about half of IT managers, to judge from the National Computing Centre IT Strategy Survey 2003.

The survey of members, responded to by 428 organisations employing more than 20,000 IT staff, found that business leaders need to show proper commitment to IT and improve alignment between business strategy and IT.

Factors inhibiting change include: poor staff attitude (experienced by 57% of respondents); company culture (50%); lack of senior management commitment (40%); and line managers protecting their roles (38%). Larger organisations, especially in government and the health, education and distribution sectors, are least satisfied with their ability to manage change.

The NCC's chief executive, Michael Gough, said, "It is disappointing to note that business leaders are underplaying the significance of IT in effecting business change. Organisations need to be agile in order to differentiate themselves. Effective and imaginative use of technology can reduce costs and create competitive advantage."

The greatest concern is that short-term investment criteria or spending limits restrict IT strategy. And many respondents find their business strategy is not well enough defined for an IT strategy to align with in any case.

The most serious problems centre on lack of communication between the IT department and senior management, where IT managers do not have sufficient access to the highest level of management or senior managers have little understanding of IT strategy.

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