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How do I move into the finance sector?

I have an MSc in computer science and have been working for a charity as data analyst for more than two years now. I use Excel and Access every day and am learning Visual Basic for Applications. I want to get into finance, but I am not sure how. Do I need to do a degree in finance or any training or certification? Are my skills of any use in the finance sector?

Research your target company's business strategy

Excel, Access and Visual Basic for Applications are used extensively in finance as they are quick to develop and offer flexible functionality. It is used extensively within the front and middle office for tactical (short-term, quickly developed) solutions as often the needs of the business change without a great deal of notice. Formal qualifications are not always required as knowledge of the business is often perceived as being more important and relevant, although this varies depending on the needs of the hiring manager. To secure a role in finance without the experience, you should show genuine interest in the particular business, which would mean study in your own time. Be certain to mention this knowledge of the business on your CV.

Answer by Paul Elworthy, associate director, Hudson

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