Next move: getting a job in VB programming

Our team of experts offer advice on how to further your career in IT

Our team of experts offer advice on how to further your career in IT

I want to get a VB programming job

I manage an Oracle HR system and have over a year's experience in IT. I have experience of Oracle, Business Objects, VBA and VB. I'd like to get into programming. I have written and deployed a standalone VB6 application and am studying for my MCP in VB6, but still find it hard to get a VB programming job. How can I get a job with my unsupported experience?

Approach firms independently

Tracey Abbott

Head of permanent recruitment, Charles Barker BSMG Worldwide

Get a copy of the Computer Users Yearbook from your local library. It lists companies in the area you live and will show the ones that use VB. A direct approach would be looked upon extremely favourably.

Take examples of any work you have done in VB before, along with your course work. Many training companies have affiliations with large organisations and would be able to place you on completion of your course.

Presentation of you and your CV is more important than usual. You need to stress any programming experience, and in-depth details of your course. You must have the information on the client company that you are going to see: company accounts, history and most importantly your reasons for wanting to work for it. Remember the client looks at four things. Do they like you? Do you live locally? Can they afford you? And finally, do you have the skills?

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