Next move: breaking into Web development

Our experts give advice on how to further your careeer in IT

Our experts give advice on how to further your careeer in IT

Breaking into Web development I have 15 years' experience in IT and having had some time off after my redundancy last March, I'm keen to re-enter the job market. My experience is mainly in project implementation, analysis and programming, with a background in AS400 (Synon/2, CLP, RPG3) and Essbase. My ideal job would be to work part-time, but I can only get a full-time job or contract work. I am keen to get into Web programming and design. Would it be a good idea for me to acquire skills in XML and HTML? Also where should I get the training?

Choose from a myriad of courses

Following a break of one year from the job market, I would advise that it is a priority to get back into mainstream work. While you would prefer part-time or homeworking, these opportunities are still rare in the IT job market and it is a more realistic option to return to full-time or contract work. This would ensure that your programming skills quickly return to speed.

The second issue is Web programming. This is a hugely popular area to be involved in. HTML (hypertext mark-up language) can be self-taught at home using manuals, and is a relatively common skill. XML (extensible mark-up language) is used to design more complex, interactive Web pages and is more difficult to learn, but is essential if you are serious about Web development.

There are a variety of courses on offer throughout the country on these technologies, and I would initially suggest contacting your local education authority for details.

Finally, to achieve a job as a Web developer it is vital that you set up some Web sites for prospective employers to visit and view your work.

Solution provided by Marie Buchanan, team leader, Monarch Recruitment

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