Next move: Should I take Cerco or Comptia study route?

Should I take Cerco or Comptia study route?

The question: Should I take Cerco or Comptia study route?

I see two options open to me: either I enroll on the Cerco Fast Track course, which lasts a month, and acquire hands-on job simulation training to get me into the industry quickly, or I enroll on a study option to prepare for the CompTIA A+ and Network+ credentials. What are the career prospects after acquiring just the Comptia A+ and Network+ certification?

The solution: Entry-level experience is more important

The main decision you need to make at this stage is whether to choose development or infrastructure.

I presume that you are more interested in networks. If this is the case, I would suggest focusing on gaining both practical and theoretical knowledge in this area.

Normally, I would recommend going for the recognised credentials, but in this instance I would advise against either path as I do not know of any employers who would consider these courses to be of great value. It might be more prudent to gain some hands-on experience quickly. Securing an entry-level call-logging position in an established IT team and then aiming for internal progression and promotion is a good route.

Be sure to target employers that offer robust and structured training. If this is not provided, consider supplier courses, such as Microsoft's MCP or MCSE, to study in your spare time that would allow you to obtain qualifications that carry more weight. If you must choose between the courses, though, I would advise the Cerco Fast Track course.

Solution by Jane Binner, associate director at Computer People

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