Next move: How do I move on from a small IT company?

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The question: How do I move on from a small IT company?

I work for a computer peripheral company as a technical engineer manager, but I operate as an IT manager. I have an MCP (Microsoft certified professional), and I create and maintain websites and administer Microsoft SQL servers.What should I focus on to market myself for a new job?

The solution: Position yourself as a future manager

Depending on which way you want your career to go, I recommend you continue down the management route towards senior management.

Alternatively, you could focus on the technical side by becoming a senior technical consultant, or look at web hosting, which will utilise your infrastructure and web skills.

Augmenting your skills with accredited training such as an MCSE (Microsoft certified systems engineer) would really complement your MCP. You could also become versed in methodologies such as Prince2 and ITIL to show more than just an ad hoc approach to running a department.

Aim to do something new in your existing position to show you have added value - for example, roll out an ITIL framework helpdesk. Most roles arise as a result of a senior manager needing help introducing something new, and employers often go for people who have a track record doing this.

Also, look to work with managers to justify additional IT spend, such as training and updating to the latest platforms. Generating ideas, creating a business case for them and implementing them looks fantastic on a CV and adds considerable weight to applications.

Solution by Brett Budden, product director at Computer People

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