Next move: How do I escape trap of a technical role?

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The question: How do I escape trap of a technical role?

I have been working as an application developer for more than six years. I have always preferred the analysis work and I am looking to move forward to work as a business analyst, but my managers want to keep me in this fixed technical role in the team.

I realise I will have to move to a new organisation, but what recommendations can you give me to help make the switch and break into a business analysis role? I have found recruitment consultants unwilling to put me forward for analyst roles because of the technical job title on my CV.

The solution: Attend a course to beef up your CV

I would recommend you attend a business analysis course of some description. This is vital because if it is not obvious from your CV that you have the experience, or that you are serious about making the move into business analysis, recruitment agencies will overlook you and go for candidates with the experience.

You need to find a consultant who is willing to help you enhance your CV to bring out the most pertinent points to the role you are applying for. Simply sending out your CV as it is to various companies will not help. You need to understand the job on offer and apply accordingly to each individual position.

A lot of companies are looking to recruit people who can act as middlemen between IT and the business. These types of roles could be the ideal bridge from where you are now to where you want to be.

Solution by Robert Nunn, senior recruitment manager at Plan-Net Services

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