Next move: How do I best spend £4,000 on IT courses?

The question: How do I best spend £4,000 on IT courses?

The question: How do I best spend £4,000 on IT courses?

I am serving in the forces and have many instructional military qualifications, but I also have NVQ level three in telecommunications and networking in a Windows-based format.

I qualify for about £4,000 worth of resettlement grant that I would like to use on acquiring good IT skills. I want to make a new start in IT, but I am at a loss as to what courses I should take.

The solution: Invest in specialist cutting-edge skills

I recommend training in an area of cutting-edge technology to ensure you are ahead of the competition. One of the hot topics at the moment is radio frequency identification tagging. This is being used everywhere.
Look for courses endorsed by the industry. CompTIA’s RFID+ qualification covers installation, configuration and maintenance of RFID hardware and software. Get in while the demand is high, as qualified RFID specialists can expect to earn at least £55 per hour. You might also consider the A+/Network+ and Linux+ courses from CompTIA.

If you are not sure what is the right course for you, perhaps on-the-job experience would be beneficial. If you get a job working in an IT team, you will quickly learn about the latest technologies.

Whatever course you choose, make sure you also build on the skills your career in the forces has provided you with, such as the ability to learn quickly, and your management and communication experience, which many recruiters feel IT professionals lack.

Solution by Robert Chapman, chief executive and co-founder of The Training Camp
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