Next Move: How do I move from reseller to user?

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The question: How do I move from reseller to user?

I have been made redundant from my job as a product manager at an IT reseller, where I developed excellent communication skills giving presentations, training and product demonstrations. I am studying for a Microsoft certified application developer (MCad) qualification, but how can I develop my .net skills further?

The solution: Get into technical consultancy

With your product management skills, there are several possibilities to consider, including pre-sales, technical consulting and project management.

It is increasingly desirable for candidates to have a mix of business and technical skills. The top candidates are those with a client-facing, consultative edge combined with technical understanding and gravitas.

But it would be difficult to move from a product or business-focused role into pure development, with or without a Microsoft certificate. Many developers in the industry live and breathe programming and have a broad understanding of the development lifecycle, but do not necessarily have your soft skills.

A role as a technical consultant would be a good move for you as you could use your client-facing skills, communication and business acumen and also your technicaland development knowledge.

An MCad would certainly increase your marketability in this area. The advantage of consultancy is the varied project style of work. You will broaden your skills and develop your technical prowess while retaining your existing skills.

Solution by Adam Gates, consultant at Hudson

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